Day 52: Fallen Off the Earth but My Foot is Stronger Than Ever

Well, I’ve fallen off the earth if you couldn’t tell, but only because I didn’t think there was very much worth updating on the state of my foot! On the exterior, I am completely healed. Walking normally, wearing the shoes I want, going to the gym just as I have since week 3. I’ve incorporated some boxing classes and yoga into my routine and it’s felt great (with the exception of the “Toe Torture” position during yoga…that’s a killer.) 

I saw my doctor on 12/24/21 (Day 42, week 6) for a follow-up and Xrays. He’s very impressed by my progress and the flexibility with my left toe. He said he would typically require physical therapy exercises but in my case, my toe is flexible enough. We’ll review the Xrays in my upcoming appointment next week (I think?) I’ll post photos then. 

Until now, I feel as free as a bird!

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9 thoughts on “Day 52: Fallen Off the Earth but My Foot is Stronger Than Ever

  1. Raven Stokes says:

    Hi. i Just got the bunions removed on BOTH feet almost four weeks ago. I just wanted to know if it is normal to see a straight toe one day, then in the morning it looks like before??

    • alaynalim says:

      Hi Raven! Congrats on the surgery…sounds really intense, so kudos to you for your audacity!! My toe is still adjusting back. It’s definitely straight-er, but I think it will take several months to a year for the swelling to go down completely to where you’re aren’t able to notice the crookedness. With the bone healing and all, the swelling will exist for a while. Hopefully I’ve answered your question. Best of luck on your recovery. Feel free to ask me anything else!

  2. Bili says:

    I’m so happy to hear your recovery has been so steady and quick. And reassured, as I just had surgery myself. !7 days ago for my right and 10 days ago for my left foot. Like you the recovery has been excellent. I also hope it continues at the same rate as yours, but since you’re more athletic and younger than I am, I think you’re ahead of the pack here.

    I found your blog late last night and read through everything very eagerly, It’s really nice to have someone to connect with about this, as most people don’t go through it. So thank you for taking the time to put this out there for the rest of us to lean on while we’re waiting for own own feet to transform!

    And by all means, if you have the time, post more pictures!


    • alaynalim says:

      Hi Bili,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean so much 🙂 I completely agree on the importance of having someone to connect with, especially as you go through recovery. So many questions and unknowns to cope with. I was lucky to have such a speedy and smooth recovery but I’m sure for others, this process can be frustrating. I wish you the best of luck with yours and please PLEASE feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

      I will do a special “6 Month Later” post in a couple days 🙂 BTW, you are a TROOPER for getting both feet done so close together. Wow. I wish I was that brave! I have to do my Right foot later this year.

      Take care,

  3. Jboogie says:

    Hello. Great info. Just had left bunion removed 5/5/13. So far ok. My only question is about the recommendation to ice. I have been putting ice packs behind my knee… How is ice supposed to actually touch your foot. Awkward!

    • alaynalim says:

      Hi Jboogie! Congrats on a successful surgery. My doctor instructed me to put the icepack on the back of my knee or ankle while I elevate it for a couple reasons:
      1) More comfortable to wrap the icepack/tie it onto your back knee or ankle when you’re elevating since its a more flexible area
      2) More readily available for icing since your foot is likely covered in bandages
      3) While icing the back of your knee/ankle, you’re cooling the blood flow that goes directly towards your foot, therefore indirectly icing your surgery site. Does that make sense? If the knee is too awkward (which I completely understand) shoot for icing the back of your ankle instead.

      Let me know if you have any more questions. Best of luck!

  4. Allyson says:

    I live in the Bay Area-ish(Napa) and am in need of bunion treatment! I danced en pointe for years and have increasingly troublesome feet. Who did your sugery? I’m thinking of getting it done early next year. Your experience seems so positive; I’d love mine to be as well!

    • alaynalim says:

      Hi Allyson,

      Happy to provide a recommendation; I can’t say enough great things about my podiatrist, Kenneth Passeri: Obviously my recovery could not have gone smoother; this gentleman really knows his stuff!

      Best of luck and thank you very much for reaching out!

  5. tacaweb says:

    Hi, Alaynalim,

    I had a tricorrectional bunion surgery 25 days ago…however the bump on the side of my left foot looks a lot bigger than my bunion before the surgery, so I am very concerned what went wrong …As I can see on your 6-month picture, your foot looks quite swollen and as I can see the bump/ or swelling – bump like, is still quite present.

    When I looked at some pics before and after on of many web pages, including my surgeon’s web, the difference before and after bunionectomy is much more visible than mine and yours. I am very concerned if something went wrong…why a bump again, even bigger ; no shoes I can fit in at all, due to the foot size and the pain. Also, I know it is not natural to have a completely flattened bunion, but still, I think having same as before is not solving the problem at all..……. I wish I can post the photo here….Thank you in advance, and kudos for your blog !

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