Days 32 – 35: Did I really get foot surgery?

When you take into consideration where I am today (and have been for the last 2 weeks really), it’s hard to believe I got foot surgery. It’s just been such an easy recovery. I’m writing you today having worked out regularly this past week, having transitioned back to standing all day, aaaand *drumroll please* having gotten back into wearing normal shoes again (although, I refrain from squeezing my foot into anything too tight like rainboots or  heels…)

Below are some pics of the healing process these past four days. You can hardly even see the incision now.


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3 thoughts on “Days 32 – 35: Did I really get foot surgery?

  1. kurt osenbaugh says:

    I’m about 5 weeks after my first bunion surgery. I did the eliptical trainer after 3 weeks, but it’s really hard for me to get a work out on that. Started the stairmaster (the escalator one like in your picture) last week. Your blog is helpful and comforting! Thanks.

    • alaynalim says:

      Hi Kurt. Thank you so much. Sounds like you are making all the right moves towards getting back to a normal lifestyle through your recovery. Good for you. Have a great week 🙂

      • kurt osenbaugh says:

        Got the other foot to do sometime in the next few months, so it’s my year of the bunion.

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