3.5 Years Later


The fact that it’s been three-and-a-half years since my bunionectomy makes my brain hurt. Seriously, has it really been that long!?

I’ve received such an inspiring amount of support for the blog and continued inquiries about the surgery and recovery process since The Bunion Chronicles first started. I figured that it would be worthwhile to post a new update to show readers how my foot has recovered over the years!

My left bunion has since NOT returned (thank god!) and my extremely active lifestyle persists. I workout 2-3 hours a day (competitive CrossFit and power lifting training) 5 days a week, bearing loads of upwards of 335 pounds racked on my back (my current back squat PR).

The surgery site very seldom aches. The nerve endings for the most part have healed although there is some diminished feeling on the skin by my scar. The scar is visible; I could have done a better job caring for it when it was healing but in the scheme of things, it’s not a big deal to me. I do notice that I have much less patience for uncomfortable shoes following my surgery.

My right bunion is still large and in charge. I most definitely regret not knocking both of these bunions out at the same time. I am not looking forward to having to take time off from my CrossFit training to get the right bunion removed. Honestly don’t know when I will ever find the right time to get that done.  Aside from being physically uncomfortable, the right bunion limits the kinds of shoes I can wear; I’m planning my wedding in the current day (!) and am very curious to know what kind of shoes I decide on for my special day since typically strappy/minimalist heels likely won’t work! It would be obviously lovely to not have to manage these limitations but man, I am currently SO dependent on my mobility. Sacrificing it, if even for a couple months, is a hard pill to swallow.

Hope this is helpful! If you have any other questions, just comment on the blog. And if you guys are curious to know what I’m up to with my life: check out my Instagram!




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6 Months Later: An Update


My friends, it has officially been 6 months since that fateful day in November when my little left bunion went under the knife. Things could not be better! Please enjoy the before & after photo. Take a look at that scar. While the difference may not be exponential, I do see less of a bunion formation. My foot is often swollen (yes, still) due to the bone healing and likely due to the fact that I work at a standing desk all day (this photo was taken around 11:30am today).

A bit of background on what has been achieved in the last 5 months or so:

In March, I enjoyed a vacation in Miami where I wore high heels for an extended period of time (3+ hours) and enjoyed walking around the city for hours on end with minimal pain and discomfort. I felt a distinct difference between my left and right feet after being on them for so long (sometimes in heels); while my right foot throbbed from the bunion that currently exists there, my left non-bunion foot contently waltzed along through the day.

I’ve been back at the gym/running/cycling/hiking regularly since December/early January. Mobility and flexibility in my left toes is back full force thanks to my activity level which has aided in stretching out my feet muscles. I see absolutely ZERO impact on my performance. Being athletic, risking performance/fitness capabilities was a huge concern for me going into surgery. Insurmountably satisfied with the outcome from my recovery. Dr. Passeri is one hell of a doctor!

On occasion, my foot will ache from time to time…but I attribute that to my bone still healin’ on up. Makes sense, don’t you think? I mean, I hear it takes up to a year for bone to heel completely. On the very rare occasion, I feel a strange tingling/popping where my bunion once was (mostly after long runs 4-5 miles…”long” should be taken with a grain of salt). It’s nothing that doesn’t go away after some time, so I’m not too worried about it.

I look forward to getting my second foot out of the way. The bunion that still lingers on my right foot is much bigger than the left one ever was…and thus, it is also significantly more painful at times. I will continue with the very sporadic updates throughout the year as I see fit and plan to pick up the blog full-speed-ahead come November when I get my right foot done.

Until that time, please feel free (as always) to reach out with any questions you may have! Thank you!

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Day 52: Fallen Off the Earth but My Foot is Stronger Than Ever

Well, I’ve fallen off the earth if you couldn’t tell, but only because I didn’t think there was very much worth updating on the state of my foot! On the exterior, I am completely healed. Walking normally, wearing the shoes I want, going to the gym just as I have since week 3. I’ve incorporated some boxing classes and yoga into my routine and it’s felt great (with the exception of the “Toe Torture” position during yoga…that’s a killer.) 

I saw my doctor on 12/24/21 (Day 42, week 6) for a follow-up and Xrays. He’s very impressed by my progress and the flexibility with my left toe. He said he would typically require physical therapy exercises but in my case, my toe is flexible enough. We’ll review the Xrays in my upcoming appointment next week (I think?) I’ll post photos then. 

Until now, I feel as free as a bird!

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Days 32 – 35: Did I really get foot surgery?

When you take into consideration where I am today (and have been for the last 2 weeks really), it’s hard to believe I got foot surgery. It’s just been such an easy recovery. I’m writing you today having worked out regularly this past week, having transitioned back to standing all day, aaaand *drumroll please* having gotten back into wearing normal shoes again (although, I refrain from squeezing my foot into anything too tight like rainboots or  heels…)

Below are some pics of the healing process these past four days. You can hardly even see the incision now.


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Days 30 & 31: Healin’ Up Nicely

Just keeps getting easier over here in bunionectomy land. Day by day I notice how the healing is coming along well, not to mention the increased mobility of my big toe and my ability to have a normal stride in my step. No gimping here!

The most exciting news in the last 48 hours is definitely the revival of my standing desk at work. I moved my computer/monitor back to my seated desk at work to alleviate any unnecessary pressure on my foot during the early stages of recovery. I cleverly turned my trashcan upside-down to elevate it throughout the day. But as of this weekend, I felt that I was ready to begin standing during the day once again. So far, so great!

I’ve gone to the gym consistently this week doing all measure of low-impact and weight-bearing exercise. The true test, however, will be my agency’s holiday party tomorrow, where I’ll be wearing (not-sky-high) heels for the special occasion.

There’s still some semi-obvious swelling, but by no means does this minor swelling feel uncomfortable.

Here are some pics from yesterday (day 30) and this morning (day 31).

Day 30 [yesterday]

Day 30 [yesterday]

Day 31 [today]

Day 31 [today]


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Day 29: One Month Later

It’s officially been one month since my surgery date! It’s Monday, December 10th 2012, 9:26am. The sun is shining down on a cozy, cold San Francisco and I’m sitting (unfortunately not standing) happily at my desk.

To think that one month ago my foot was opened up, broken, and put back together, is far far beyond me. Within a day’s time I was up and around the house doing all manner of domestic chores. Within three weeks’ time I was back at the gym, attempting to crush cardio and bearing significant amount of weight on my foot. And on this particularl day, I can say that I’m walking normally (despite being restricted to Uggs) and comfortably, too.

From the photos taken this morning you’ll see that (this is gross, but) the scabs are starting to fall off. The middle section of the incision is completely healed. The body is a wondrous thing. I have no complaints! So grateful for a smooth surgery, an even smoother recovery, and the brilliant doc who has overseen it all.

One month later

One Month Comparison

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Day 27: Little ache here, little ache there

Truthfully there’s not much to say, aside from the fact that I took the following photos on day 27 so that you could see how the incision site looks. I’m noticing that it’s healing more and more each time I re-dress it after showering. The section of the incision that was having trouble closing is finally sealed.

Managed to go to the gym again this weekend. I even progressed to bearing more weight on it in the form of lunges and push-ups. Pretty exciting!

Unfortunately I still can’t fit into my more-fashion-forward shoes. Uggs are the new norm. I’m fine with that; I just hope that no one is judging me for it 🙂 I did wear my Sorel snow boots this weekend for a dinner party at my house and after some time (3 hours) my foot stared to ache from the constraint of them.  To alleviate the discomfort, I just took my boot off. Simple as that.

Day 27Day 27 Comparison

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Days 22 & 23: ITCH ITCH ITCH

Week 4: Commence!

Can’t believe we’re approaching the month anniversary of this procedure. Every day my foot feels improved. Still can’t walk nearly as fast. Still have a funny little swing-phase when I follow through with each step.

The latest development in the recovery process is the overwhelming urge to scratch my foot during the most inconvenient time possible–bedtime. As annoying as this is, it’s also a blessing. It means my wound is healing properly and within good time.

Here’s the latest foot foto (or should I say “footo“?) You can see that the section of the wound not covered in tape is fused and entering maturation in the wound healing phase.

Day 22

Lastly, here’s what I accomplished this morning 23 days after surgery: 25 min of STAIRMASTER! Pic is subpar, but you get the point 🙂


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Day 20: Back to the Gym (and bowling)

Day 20 at the GymBased on the research I did on people’s experiences with bunion surgery prior to my own, I never would have thought I’d be back at the gym within 3 weeks time. But today I proved myself wrong.

My foot felt super comfortable in my Nike Free sneaker. After some practice I was able to walk pretty normally. On the elliptical my foot felt completely ok. The only obstacle for me was my degenerated fitness level. My 30 min. on the machine (9 crossramp, 11 resistance) was tough. But sweating feels good. After some cardio I did some weight training–leg press, weighted decline crunch, and back extensions. SO NICE to be active again. December will officially be my road back to fitness.

Later that night, I went bowling, which was also a fine experience. Bowling shoes were comfortable and scoring my first turkey felt great!


The only issue now? IT ITCHES. Holy cow. Sleeping last night was BRUTAL. Of course I couldn’t actually scratch the wound. I took some Claritin (anti-histamine) to help with the urge. Eventually it subsided #thankgod. Don’t think I would have gotten any sleep last night if my choice medicine didn’t work.

Last but not least, here’s a pic of my feet on Day 20. Gettin better slowly but surely


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Day 19: All is Well

No infection. Yay! Just an opened incision. Internal sutures are secured underneath the epidermis of the skin, which is not as strong. This means that it’s more likely that the sutures can slip over time, especially as the thread begins to dissolve. Nothing major, just required a couple pieces of tape to hold it together as it heals.

Here’s a pic of the good ol’ zombie foot this morning (on Day 19). She’s lookin much better.

Day 19

I’m starting to walk more normally today; wearing UGGs again since it’s pouring outside. I’m trying to take a normal stride and begin bending my toe in my step, versus gimping around. Feels strange but I know the only way I’m going to be able to get back to normal mobility is if I practice it!

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